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The Little Sexism's

I resent these terms of endearment that are no longer endearing or ingratiating — but demeaning, objectifying, and minimizing. I am not your pet, your cutie, your love. I am not a toddler hoping to procure a sweet through naive endurance.

How To Be Angry

Lately I have been furious. The kind of fury that comes from a long-sleeping dragon. Beaten down by my parents, then my classmates, then the media, then the greater society around me. The trouble is, I don’t exactly know what to do with that long-overdue rage.

Remembering Anita

I feel quietly livid. I was born the year Anita Hill testified before the Supreme Court Judiciary Committee, but I didn’t become a member of the #MeToo movement until last year. Before May 28th, 2017, I was that girl in humble and slightly guilty support of all those who were coming forward with stories of buried trauma and self-righteous confusion.