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The Moral Of The Story:

The Moral Of The Story:

This is the moment in the movie when the victimized, undersold protagonist gives the stirring, life-changing monologue that changes everyone’s mind at the same time.

This is the shot of the protagonist crying, sharing her story, knowing her words are being heard.

These are the reaction shots of the people she was trying to convince, finally, reluctantly, hearing her.

This is the montage as we see her testimony change the minds and break the hearts of people all across the nation. Because of course, the whole nation is watching, and waiting.

This is what we are taught to hold dear: if we come forward, we will be heard, and respected, and our words will forever change the world we live in.

The evidence as it stands:

This is the moment in her life when who she was before is buried.

These are threatening and defaming emails, compiled over the past week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

These are the receipts and phone records made to friends and hotel chains, to ensure her family’s safety.

These are the notes from her psychologist, held dearly and privately until now.

These are her results from the polygraph test. Because of course, she must be lying.

These are screenshots of tweets from President Donald TrumpLeader McConnell, and Sen. Chuck Grassley, discrediting, defaming, and bullying her.

This is her story. Let the record show it has been picked apart, shrouded in the fog of memory, and enshrined as a past relic.

These are e-mail transcripts between her lawyers and Senate Judiciary Chairs, expressing pleas and concealing motives.

This is the stale mate.

The imagined future:

This is the moment when this woman is heard.

All personal agendas are sidelined in order to hear this woman.

All political stakes and monetary gains are forfeited so that this woman can be heard.

The men and women who have been attacking her start listening to her.

The law of the land supports her.

This man is not confirmed.

This woman is heard.

This woman is heard.

This woman is heard.

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