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The Privilege Of The White Writer

I’ve been bumping into people all week. Not literally, but emotionally, culturally, socially. I’ve been stumbling over old biases and beliefs I didn’t want to admit I had. I’ve been running into judgments I wish I didn’t inherit. I’ve been bashing into a new reality: That if we show up, authentically as we can, with our own experience, we will fall.

Individualism Doesn't Work

Back in 2016, when Trump took the presidency and all of my female & LGBTQ friends were in various states of desperate intoxication, rampant rage and staunch denial — you could find me curled up in a fetal position on my bedroom floor, hyperventilating and sobbing into the phone. My boyfriend at the time was on the receiving end of this near panic attack, doing his best to assuage my fears and world-shifting epiphanies.

All The Little Sexism's

The little “O.K. honey’s” and “Alrighty dear’s” that make me feel like I haven’t hit puberty yet.

That I should still be wearing a pink dress with bows and lace in my long blond hair — giggling and prancing about when you call me “darling girl.”

Who Am I When I Don't Try To Please Men?

As a woman in this country, I have been taught from a very young age that my body, my personality, my career, my passion, my likes and dislikes, need always take into consideration the preferences of men. This is a fact that I am just now beginning to examine — prompted by the constant assails from my government and my president, telling me how I am only valuable if I am quiet, subservient, and completely available to their whims.

Can We Ever Truly Be Equal? And Do We Even Want To Be?

We’ve had so many iterations and definitions of “equality” over the years, it’s no surprise to me that we’re still dealing with a ruling majority of old, white, God fear-mongering men. Movements have come and gone, laws have been created, court cases have been won, and yet The United States (and subsequently the world) still suffers from massive inequality.