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The Gift

The gift of sickness is in learning to care.
The gift in suffering is in learning to surrender.
The gift in loneliness is in learning to need.
Every story you make up,
Every doubt you sow deeply,
Must have a counterbalance.
A yin to the yang.
Take what is offered, they say.
Even if the offering isn’t what you’d hoped.
Even if the job doesn’t come.
Even if the ones you love keep leaving.
Even if your body is collapsing underneath you.
Take what is offered, and muster up what is required to weather it.
It was not given you lightly.
It is assumed that you are already capable.
That you were born ready for the storm,
About to wash away life as you know it — as you wanted it.
That you would run towards it with open arms,
And a willing heart.
It is certain: you were meant to receive it.
So go.
Move forward with the marks that come from survival.
Feel the strength that has been stitched into you through perseverance.
Find the capacity for joy that the grief created.
Notice the opportunities that arise when everything else falls away.
Bask in the light that was waiting for you to find it,
Walking through the darkness you never thought could end.
The depth of what you’re feeling goes both ways.
There are those who crave what you have been blessed with.
Find them, and give them your need, your surrender, your care.
Help them to see their gifts through the curses disguising them.
Help them move forward, and through.
Together, you’ll always look for the upside,
Even when it feels like it’s dragging you down.