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Lift Me, Oh Please, Lift Me.

I want to be saved.

I want to be helped out of my morning coffin by gentle hands that usher me through my day.

I want someone to monitor my thoughts, press into my aching bones, and whisper away the fatigue.

I am constantly wrestling, and I could use a water boy.

I want to be treated like an infant, like an octogenarian.

Feeble and foolhardy,

Spoon fed only what I need to thrive.

Carry me, then force me to move my tired body,

Even if it hurts.

Place my hands on the keys, and whisper exactly what I need to hear.

To get through the day, and back into the night,

Without judging that it was wasted.

Take control over my every choice and consideration,

For I am not fit to rule.

I experience my slow ruination, and do nothing to alter my course.

A jaded, selfish monarch in need of a minder.

I am my disease, along with the ones that came before in other bodies, and other lifetimes.

I inherit the depression, the addiction, the codependence, and retreat further inward as they creep onward.

Be my savior, and lift me out of this self-proclaimed grave.

Dig me out of my self-made puddle.

Place my feet back on solid ground, and pry my eyes open to take in the light.

I want to be brought to my knees.

I want to face my fate.

Teach me how to fish by holding my hands as you scrape away the scales.

Lay my broken-down catch in front of me and make me ask how it was done.

Show me what it is to be lifted,

So that I may seek the hands outstretched,

Waiting to pull me up by my untarnished palms.