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The Year Ahead: 2019 Edition

The Year Ahead: 2019 Edition

A Wild Unknown Tarot Reading

From the Animal Spirit Deck by  Kim Krans , image by Leigh Huggins

From the Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans, image by Leigh Huggins

The purpose of tarot is not to predict the future.

Tarot cards cannot read minds, no more than they can divine fates or conjure our desires out of thin air. They are not magic in and of themselves. Their magic lies in what we choose to give them.

When I use the word magic, I feel it necessary to impart just how subjective I believe this term to be. Magic for some can manifest in ritual, religious miracles, ouija boards, mediums, psychic readings, or ordinary joys made extraordinary by the beholder. The one thing these all have in common is that they are made real by the power we choose to give them.

I choose to read tarot because I find that the cards feel like a true representation of my inner experience. The meanings assigned to these images by history and their authors help me gain clarity on what processes are already occurring within me that I may not be aware of yet. They are not set in stone - they may not ever refer to specific events or destinies. More so I see them as tools to illuminate trends and shift focus.

Whenever I’m feeling particularly unsettled or stressed out, one of the first tools I reach for are my tarot cards (typically in conjunction with writing and communicating with people I love and trust). The start of 2019 felt like the perfect time to break out the cards and do a more in-depth reading based on The Year Ahead - yes, there is actually a spread (card reading structure) for that! If you’d like to know my interpretation of this particular arrangement (pictured above), please keep reading. I can only hope some of this resonates for you and sparks a bit of curiosity for you about your own processes around self-examination.

The Year Ahead Spread:

Courtesy of  The Wild Unknown Blog

Interpretations inspired by the Animal Spirit Guidebook

January: Sting Ray - Developing a spine, sense of self, self confidence. Pivotal moment of decision between old and new patterns and behaviors.

To balance: Move through discomfort

February: Crow - Spiritually strong, creative & watchful. Magic & psychic, CLEAR.

To balance: Daily meditation practice.

March: Golden Egg (Spirit Card - like the Major Arcana in traditional decks. Each one is associated with a chakra, or, energy center in the body.) - Message at the center of the heart. Retreat from the noise of modern day life. No rushing or grasping. LISTEN. Fourth chakra. Heart center.

April: Octopus - Reaching, yearning, lacking boundaries & direction.

To balance: Space to oneself, talk therapy. 

May: Lamb - Peaceful, prophetic, patient. The message you need to hear.

To balance: Meditation, listening.

June: Unicorn (Spirit Card) - Reconnecting to higher wisdom or divinity. Questioning, exploring, contemplating. You have begun your quest for answers. Sixth Chakra. Third Eye. 

July: Elk - Stable, resilient, headstrong. Seek consistency and stability in core values.

To balance: Eat & drink more consciously.

August: Butterfly - Undergoing great change & transformation. Let others support you.

To balance: Daily routine with a meal, practice or prayer).

September: Cosmic Egg (Spirit Card) - Completion & harmony. Self realization & oneness. Seventh chakra. Crown. 

October: Sea Serpent (Spirit Card) - Healing emotional wounds & expressing desires in a healthy way. Release of self-judgement into forgiveness. Second chakra - creativity & desire. Water. Divine mother. 

November: Snake - Guardian of unawakened magic & potential. There is no more time to waste in doing what inspires you.

To bring into balance: Kundalini yoga & meditation. 

December: Elephant - Unstoppable, auspicious, wise. The path will soon become clear.

To bring into balance: TRUST.

Theme: Starfish - you may have become so reliant on how you look and how others perceive you that you’ve forgotten your deeper calling. What dreams have I put aside to please others? Am I being swayed by outward appearances?

When in balance: Uplifting, artistic, expressive.

When out of balance: Feels empty.

To bring into balance: Positive friends. 

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