We Can't Change For Other People

About two weeks ago, I asked my mom for help. I’d been feeling underwater with my new Hashimoto’s diagnosis, juggling a job that required too much work for too little pay, doctor’s appointments that I couldn’t afford, treatments that I couldn’t drag my tired body to, and elimination diets I couldn’t stick to. I knew that I needed some accountability, structure, and additional care. So of course, I called my mother.

Forgiveness Is Not Absolution

took forgiveness for granted until someone truly, fundamentally, wronged me. I judged that only people who weren’t willing to put in the work would hold onto resentment over choosing to embrace forgiveness. I made up the story that those who clung to their wounds were helpless and hopeless, not worth the time taken to try and change their minds.

What Is Ethical Non-Monogamy?

“Non-monogamy” or “polyamory,” are terms that have been thrown around in recent years and most commonly associated with the kink community. “Ethical non-monogamy,” in particular, is becoming more prevalent in the modern dating scene. Though I’m finding that many people have little to no idea of the basic tenets surrounding it.

Home Again, Home Again

I remember it like it was yesterday. The blue paisley walls. The original hardwood floors. The twin metal bed frames, side by side, nightstands in-between. The closets on the far wall — built in for tornado season — painted over one too many times with off-white eggshell. 

Does Sexual Experience Really Matter?

Before yesterday I hadn’t had sex in about a year. Shocking? Sad? Too much information? Maybe, but that’s for another story. The point is, it got me thinking about what makes good sex good and bad sex bad. When it comes to people who you actually WANT to be intimate with, of course! The answer may not be what you think…